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Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian ad litem acts as the voice of your child in a Courtroom full of adults.  Operating as the eyes of the Judge outside of the Court, a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) conducts a comprehensive evaluation and creates a report to the Court regarding recommendations as to what is in the minor child’s best interests in any given Family Law case. GAL’s serve in Dissolution, Paternity, Domestic Violence, Step-Parent Adoption, and in other cases in the Family Court.

When Rebecca serves in the role of GAL, she strives to learn about your child, her interests, goals, feelings, and expectations in order to make the best possible recommendations to the Court as to what is in your child’s best interests with respect to your case. She will conduct several interviews with you, your child’s other parent, and any other relatives, caretakers, teachers, coaches or other trusted adults in your child’s circle.  She will also conduct several interviews and meetings with your child.  With an extensive background in child development and psychology, Rebecca tailors all of her meetings with your child at your child’s own level.  Meetings can be held in her office, at your child’s school, at your home, or even in a park or other public location so that your child is comfortable when speaking to Rebecca.

Rebecca will also conduct home visits at your home and at the home of your child’s other parent. These home visits are NEVER a surprise; rather, Rebecca always schedules them with you and in line with your child’s schedule.  It is Rebecca’s professional standard to accommodate the needs of the children she represents as their GAL, and she will do her utmost to keep their daily structure and routine intact as her investigation proceeds.

Ultimately, Rebecca will produce a final Report of Guardian ad Litem.  This Report provides a detailed analysis of all of the information Rebecca learned during the course of her investigation and a detailed recommendation regarding what Rebecca thinks is in your child’s best interests both in the short-term and in the long-term.  It is this Final Report that the Judge in your case will often use to assist her in understanding your child’s perspective and in determining the Court’s rulings with respect to your child.